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Gorilla Lift

Gorilla Lift

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Gorilla Lift


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**UTILITY TRAILER TAIL GATE LIFT ASSIST** Gorilla lift is a two-sided tailgate lift assist; it attaches to both sides of the tailgate. This prevents tailgates from warping or the hinges from deteriorating prematurely from uneven stresses. It also helps to prevent the full weight of the tailgate from smashing down in the event one side were ever to fail. Is designed to be adjustable for different sizes and weights of tailgates. Lighter weight tailgates will not pop up off the ground and heavier tailgates will not fall to the ground. When properly adjusted most tailgates will float up and down and stay in any position that you leave it. Fully encloses the lifting system inside a housing; this is a very important design feature which helps to prevent injuries and also keeps people from getting a finger, hand or any other item caught and cut off in the lifting system. Takes 100% of the weight off most trailer tailgates. Works best on open utility trailers with side rails 10 to 24 inches in height and tailgates 4 to 6 feet in height. Works on trailers with square tube, round tube, or angle side rails. Works on trailer tailgates that are four, five and six feet tall. Helps reduce injuries and worker's compensation claims. Helps reduce the risk of devastating injury to you and others. Helps reduce the risk of expensive property damage. Attaches to your trailer quickly and easily. You can either attach it with the supplied hardware or spot-weld it on.